Glass Distillery is proud to present five of our favorite cocktails, four of which are made with Glass Vodka and new Glass Cocktail Mixes, which were developed by the mixmasters at Freshies in Denver, Colo. And our Glass Mule recipe is the perfect combination of Glass Vodka and our fresh ginger mix made by our partners at Perfect Beverage in Santa Monica, CA.
Pour, shake and enjoy!


Glass is an artisan vodka that is craft distilled using Washington wine from Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes. The resulting spirit has an elegant nose, hints of wildflowers and light citrus notes. The taste is slightly sweet with a signature silky smooth and cool finish. This is a sipping vodka; beautiful served up and chilled for a classic martini, on the rocks, or as the base for a favorite cocktail.
“Our guests demand the highest quality products that deliver beyond their expectations.
It's refreshing to have a locally-sourced and produced vodka that beats the pants off the internationally-known brands.”

Chad Mackay
El Gaucho Restaurant

“A truly artisanal approach to an otherwise characterless category of liquor.”

Chris Horn
Wine Director
Purple Café and Wine Bar

“Glass Vodka is such a unique experience; a true masterpiece in the art of vodka.”

Michael Hanke
General Manager
Morton’s Seattle

Glass Vodka. For art. For beauty. For life.

Glass Vodka is an elegantly crafted vodka from Seattle. We embrace the unexpected, the seeming contradictions life presents. Science and art, soft with an edge, vodka distilled from grapes. We have a worldview, but our roots are in the Pacific NW. Our grapes come from the rich soils of Washington and Oregon. Our name pays homage to the glass artists of the region. Our desire is to deliver a product without compromise. While it is folly to try and meet all taste, we invite all to try a taste.

90 • Glass Vodka   Gold Medal—Exceptional.